Wedding Dresses: Trends and Tips for Your Wedding Day

Types of Wedding Dresses

Your wedding dress is important. You will have to dedicate a lot of time and care when choosing it because only then will you get your dream dress; the one that reflects your personality, your style and that enhances your beauty. Because wedding dresses are many, but as we know you need one particular we show different trends in wedding dresses and some tricks not to fail in the election.

Types of Wedding Dresses

Carefully choose your dress from the different styles, falls and necklines exhibiting especially considering your silhouette. But you will also have to adapt the dress to your style and your wedding, whether it is intimate or multitudinous, whether it is in the morning or at night, whether it is religious or civil.

If you are a romantic dreamer could choose a princess dress type with ribbons or flowers that accentuate your character, or an elegant v estido of medieval girlfriend with whom you will leave your guests impressed. Empire dresses type also has a hang loose with skirt born just below the chest.

For a bride who exudes sensuality and sports a slender body is perfect the dress mermaid type that envelops your figure with a stylish straight and close to the body tissue.

Bridal collections have countless varieties of traditional dresses with classic woven silks, chiffons, satins and lace, but also offer bold alternatives, shortening dresses or introducing colors.

The neckline of the wedding dress is also a major focus. Choose your neckline depending on the fall of the dress and also your measurements. A neck ‘v’ will give a more attractive touch to your image, but if you are more traditional, you can opt for a round or square neckline. And if you want to combine simplicity with seduction is perfect the halter neckline; Sleeveless and knotted behind the neck, leave your back and shoulders exposed.

Tips for choosing wedding dress

As you know, choosing the wedding dress will take time. Take care of it at least 6 months in advance to avoid getting late in disguise. Do not cut in visiting all the shops and you can try on dresses as often as you need. Let yourself be advised by people you trust, but make the last decision. No one better than you will know how you feel with your dress on, so keep in mind also your feelings when it comes to choosing.

Keep in mind at all times your wedding globally: the time, the place, the guests, photos … create a mental image to see if the dress is perfect. It is about feeling comfortable, radiant and dazzling, and for this, the key is in elegance and in being true to you.

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