TOP-15 most ridiculous reviews of tourists in July

tourists in July

TOP-15 most ridiculous reviews of tourists in July. Portal reviews of tourists on trips published July list of the most ridiculous phrases from reviews of tourists. Basically, here you have phrases from reviews of Turkey and Egypt – the most popular destinations among Russian tourists.

“At night, exasperated crowd screaming drunken Germans and the chimes of the church, just like in Warsaw in the 39th.”

“The girls at the reception as a sad nod donkeys with views that will be all right – do not believe it will not.”

“Where offer park, is an anthill. And its inhabitants settled on good machines. ”

“Impossible to sleep: mosquitoes, dogs, Arabs …”

“The room we threw at 7:30 asking to throw garbage and collect bedding. Well, at least not made breakfast cook yourself! ”



“They have a specialized person who goes and takes drinks to those who have not paid!”

“Meals we had HB (Half Board) and the truth, dinner served some fried half board …”

“Living on the third floor had a feeling that we bring used linen from second.”

“When the boat passes near a bungalow, a resonance with the windows and walls that seem to go down if the boat is now at the door!”

“If you want out of the way to take a shower – do not forget to send a man the previous flight, so he plugged in a boiler.”

“Once we are given a tip cleaner. I get out of it badly, but smiling is good. ”

“Now the restaurant in the hotel (they’ll call it” collective farm canteen “) …”

“Animator job was voicing the name of the club, which will go in the evening.”

“I am a person undemanding, but differ in the color of the towels in the room and SPA considerably irritated.”

“On the fourth day of the fungus from the shower stall moved into the corridor.”

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