The wedding dress after marriage

The wedding dress after marriage

Months and months choosing, making and adjusting the wedding dress to use it a few hours. What to do with it after the big day?

All brides create an almost sentimental bond with their dress. And how to avoid it, if you have chosen it in the most detail, have passed several tests until culminating, dreamed dress, walking towards the altar, longing to look beautiful while dancing with his beloved in the first dance.

The dress is the second love of every bride and think what to do with it after the party seems to become a headache. If this is your case, we invite you to contemplate the following options and choose the most suitable for you and your brand new wedding dress.

If your dress is rented

Many bridal boutiques have the service to make the dress to your taste and measures in rent format, so that you release and return it, paying much less than buying it and without having the problem about what to do with your dress. In case you have fallen in love and you do not want to return it, you must pay the extra that will be negotiated with the designer or house of girlfriends where you have rented it.

Store it

If from the beginning you made the decision to keep it forever, thinking about the marriages of your daughters or granddaughters (remember that fashion is cyclical and soon after fashion returns), you will need the following:

  1. A cardboard box for storage
  2. Depending on the size and volume, several meters of blue paper to wrap and prevent change its original color
  3. A space in your new home where you can store without sacrificing space for other things
  4. Each year you must change the paper so that your dress stays intact

Sell ​​it

It is not an easy task, but in Internet portals you can put it on sale, make some good photos and take advantage of your social networks to promote it. Take care of all the worries you receive and at some point the right buyer will come and use it with the same illusion as you on your big day.

Use it again

Not as a wedding dress, but as a party. You need a professional dressmaker with a lot of creativity to turn it into an original piece and thus impact again on another occasion of celebration. How about doing it for the renewal of votes?

What will you do with your dress, after the wedding?

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