Re-use your wedding shoes after marriage

Re-use your wedding shoes after marriage

Do not throw them in the trash or leave them in the back of your closet. The wedding shoes you can wear again and again after the wedding.

The shoes carry on the elegance of the bride with firm steps and style. Choosing the right ones is a fun task that the vast majority of women enjoy lots of. However, when you buy them, think about whether they will serve you later, because they take a significant investment in the look and perhaps the few things you can continue to use frequently as opposed to hairstyle, makeup and dress.

So when you go to buy your wedding shoes, think of the following tips to follow them by taking advantage of a longer time than your marriage.

Beware of color

Pure white is perhaps a more difficult color to combine, but if this is your color, do not hesitate to wear them with a pair of jeans and a nice white blouse next to a bright color accessory to contrast. If you are looking for shoes that match your wedding color like pink, yellow or orange, it will be great for your outfits, as they will fit in with everyone, whether for an elegant party or a casual day.

A new face

Completely change the appearance of your shoes by wrapping them with a different fabric. This will do it in a shoe store and you can choose an animal print, a completely different color and you will have new shoes.

Another option is to dye them and for this your shoes have to be of 100% authentic leather so that the dye adheres to the material, otherwise we suggest you to think about the alternative of the lining.

Something blue

Following the tradition and looking for the right color for your shoes, blue could meet the “something blue” and enjoy it at a party, an important meeting or just the day you want to remember that date with love.

Silver and gold

They are the flagship colors for a celebration. Some will think they are somewhat extravagant, but forget about that. Gold and silver will not only make you look like a princess on your wedding day, but also, you can wear them in an elegant party with a short dress so that this time they steal all eyes.

Heel change

You bought your luxury shoes for your marriage, they are of a color that will serve to use them later but you cannot stand your heel. Very simple, ask in a shoe store to change them for thicker and lower and so you will walk paths with this cute pair.

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