100 pairs of useful tips: Part 2


100 pairs of useful tips: Part 2. We continue our selection of 100 useful tips for preparing for the wedding. Today, you are waiting for advice on design and selection of the triumph of style, and the first part of this article, see the link.

Choose a site that fits the style of your holiday. Perhaps her rent would be even higher than you expected, but you will be able to significantly reduce costs in the decor, because it will be minimal.

Check out the rules of the wedding site. Would it be possible to arrange fireworks and fire show at the end of the holiday? How much will cost an additional rental hours, if the holiday will be delayed? Be sure to check these questions before you sign the contract.

100 pairs of useful tips: Part 2

Do not try to “repeat” someone’s wedding. Get inspired stylized shots and stories of real couples, but do not try to completely copy someone else’s idea. Let your wedding tells your story is, and not someone else’s.

Do not blindly follow the trend. Ask yourself: Do you really like soft green hue, the color, the recognized according to the Pantone, or did you prefer a darker palette of purple colors? Remember that trends in the wedding should complement your vision of an ideal holiday and not be his exact opposite.

Spend a ceremony and banquet in one place. Most likely, one rental site will be cheaper than the two, and you do not have to spend time and money to travel to the wedding day.

When making a wedding arch, consider the overall style of celebration: for example, for the eco-wedding suit a large number of green, rustic style will complement the wild flowers or dried flowers, elegant and classic wedding will require a lush flower arranging in a gentle palette.

The golden rule of design wedding arch, either decor or place. Enchanting and original in this pair should be one thing. If the place is so self-sufficient and do not need to complicate its lush decor – simple parts better accentuate the style and beauty of the celebration.

To color palette looked harmoniously, use no more than four colors. With this as a basis, use a neutral, light color (white, ivory, beige, light gray).

Consider seating arrangement. Try to create a seating plan so as to sit at the same table people with similar interests, not “crush” the pair and the company of close friends, and consider the age, kinship and relationship with each other guests.

Prepare compliments for guests. Let it be small gifts that will remind them of this wonderful day. Bonbonniere, jars of honey or jam and delicious tea – the best option for any holiday.

Forming marriage timing, be sure to consider the time it takes to install the necessary equipment and site decoration. In advance, discuss the matter with a decorator and florist, when they will be able to come to the place and how long it takes for each zone decor at a wedding?

The main rules of the use of candles in the decoration: candles should not be perfumed, especially if the wedding takes place in the room, you should not put them on the table without the candlesticks, and recommended before the holiday light them at least for a few minutes, so they do not look like new.

Do not wait to purchase a wedding dress in the last month before the wedding. Ordering sewing dresses in the shortest time, you will have to pay for urgency, and choosing the dress in the cabin a week before the celebration, you will not have time to fit it on the figure.

The only exception – if the bride in the position. In this case, better to buy a wedding dress as close as possible to the day X. It should abandon corsets and dresses too heavy. It is best suited dress a silhouette of flowing fabric.

The main criterion for a suitable wedding dress – you must be comfortable in it. Of course, it must be beautiful, but do not forget that you have to spend it all day, and if it is impossible to breathe, sit or embrace guests from too fluffy skirt, then no beauty can save him.

Consider the wedding season when choosing a dress. In the summer is better to prefer a light, flying options from natural fabrics. And in the winter is very advantageous will look satin, brocade, taffeta or velvet. Another version of the winter – magnificent ball gown with a skirt made of multilayer tulle.

Understand and type of your figure. For example, all the advantages of a figure “hourglass” emphasize the silhouettes of “fish” or “mermaid”, and the figures for “rectangle” suitable dress A-line. For brides with the figure of the “triangle” it is very important to emphasize the fragility of the hands and a thin waist, and this task perfectly cope dress with full skirt and trimmed with embroidery or beaded bodice.

Do not choose a dress alone! Go shopping with my mother or best friend – let it be a man whose taste you trust and who can honestly say, if some style does not suit you. But do not call for the fitting of more than 3 people – too many different opinions only mislead you up.

Spend rehearsal wedding image. Make a trial hair and makeup in a professional to make sure that you fit the selected image and the style of work of the expert.

The image of the groom must match the style of your wedding. Black tuxedo will look out of place on the eco-wedding in the woods or on a celebration in the style of rustic country house.

By the way, the groom’s suit can not only be blue! Get inspired stylish image of our best stories.

Consider the length of the wedding dress and style when choosing footwear. And if the shoes have already been selected, take them with a fitting dresses, not to make a mistake then the length of the hem.

Provide bridesmaids choose their own dresses. Define your style and color palette and let each will choose for themselves the option that accentuate her figure well.

When choosing a bride’s bouquet, consider the concept and color palette of the wedding, as well as the style of the wedding dress. Lush composition in dark shades with fruits and berries are not suitable for a classic elegant wedding, and the bride boo style is better to abandon the dense round bouquets of pink peonies and give preference to a “disheveled” options.

Speaking of colors. Remember that the central composition is to be seen from any location around the table, they should not be covered with bottles of alcohol or vases with fruit. The height of the composition should be less than 40 cm or higher than 70 cm, so as not to obstruct the guests review and give the opportunity to quietly talk to each other.

Reusing decor – a great way to save money without sacrificing quality. Candles, which framed the path to the altar can be transferred to the banquet hall, flowers decorate the lounge area, and photo zone, you can arrange a wedding arch at the end of the ceremony – is enough to add the necessary props.

Take for rent that can be hired. Tables and chairs, fabrics, vases, decorative items, jewelry for wedding arches – probably, many things needed for the wedding, you will never need, why not rent them only for a while?

Book requests or alternative must be fully consistent with the style of holiday. By the way, you can buy and offer guests a Polaroid snapshots to do that then paste them into a book: it will be a great entertainment for guests of all ages.

Add zone requests is necessary so that it is visible from all corners of the site. Make sure the guests were comfortable to leave your wishes: a table and chair, a sufficient number of pens of different colors and adequate lighting.

Do not forget about the role of correct lighting wedding decoration – not only has the final image depended on it, but the quality of the photos.

Menu – an important element of the wedding printing, which many couples forget. But not just a beautifully designed menu gives guests the opportunity to get acquainted with the amount and composition of food, but also will be an elegant decoration of table setting. It can be left on the plate of each guest or put in the center of the table next to his number.

Strive for harmony. Be careful to fashion trends do not contradict your wedding concept. For example, in the light of bride boo style is not suitable for classical wedding in a restaurant, and vice versa, for a comfortable holiday in a buffet format in the nature image of the bride should be more relaxed: give up corset and a long loop, but instead high hairstyle braid braids.

Embody their dreams! Remember that it is your wedding and it should be exactly as what kind you have always dreamed. Do not do something because “so it is accepted” and “so do all.” This holiday should be just “about you” – even if it will reflect your feelings and characters.

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