100 pairs of useful tips: Part 1

pairs of useful tips

A new season of preparation for the wedding. For brides and grooms instantly struck an incredible amount of information, questions and worries. It seems that to understand all is simply impossible! But we have prepared for you useful stuff with the most important tips for the wedding preparations. In the first part of the article we will talk about the basic organizational issues.

Select a date. Once you have announced the planned wedding, it’s time to decide on the date of its implementation. This takes into account not only the desired season and a symbolic date (such as day love or Valentine’s Day), and the estimated wedding style and plans for the honeymoon. And if you decide to arrange the wedding off-season or on a weekday – this will save you!

100 pairs of useful tips: Part 1

Start preparing in advance (4-6 months before the wedding date) – it will not only save the required amount, but also to solve all organizational issues without haste and excessive stress. In addition, the earlier you start preparing, the more you will have a choice among sites and contractors.

Begin training with budgeting. This – the foundation of your holiday, which depends on the place of celebration, and his style, and number of guests.

Number of guests, so it is one of the important factors in the budget making a list of invitees should be the next item in a series of pre-wedding affairs. To begin to make a list of those without whom this festival would not be for you in the joy of parents, close family members and friends. If the format of a home wedding, then this list is complete.

Do not be afraid to offend someone, not invited to the wedding, and did not invite any of the guilt. In the end, this is your holiday, and it should be present only those people you really want to see next on this day.

Do not rush into a wedding organization with a head and take on all at once. It is better to make up for an exemplary preparation of a plan for months and weeks, define for yourself the approximate guidance on dates – to which the number of a specific task to be performed.

Set your priorities and do not try to save money on what you really matters!

In the budget, leave 10% for unforeseen expenses. This may be the cost of a change of shoes for a photo shoot, additional rental watch the wedding site, trucks for latecomers reviews, tips for waiters and others.

Consider the wedding season. From that, in any month will be your wedding depends and site selection, and style, and even the dress code for the guests. Humor wedding cold winters or hot summers will be significantly different. Think about what the season will be the most comfortable and suitable for you.

Do not take credit for the wedding. It is better to once again reconsider its priorities and move the date of the wedding, to be able to save up for it. In the end, a wedding – it’s just one day, after which you will find a long and happy family life is – and should not start with her loan payments.

Invite your guests in advance, because they too need time to prepare for your wedding to change plans for a specific date, perhaps take time off from work or buy a plane ticket. Try to give an invitation no later than 2 months before the celebration, to promptly notify the guest about the event and the time to get a reply from him.

Less makeovers. Strive for the ideal can be infinite, but you have a limited amount of time, a specific budget and 24 hours a day. So focus on that for you is really important, and do not be discouraged because of the little things that no one except you will not even notice.

Use modern technology in training.  For example, many issues can be solved with the contractors in social networks and personal wedding website will promptly convey to all guests of the necessary information about the dress code, driving directions, etc. You can even create your own electronic wedding invitations, if it fits your wedding format.

Delegate! Do not shoulder the entire training – is a recipe for stress, and even nervous breakdown. Hire an experienced organizer, who will take the decision of the most difficult issues, and do not refuse the help of parents and friends.

Keep a diary. This is a very important point in any time management. When you write things, and keep them in your head, you are tired, many people forget, and you have a feeling that you need to do much more than it actually is. With the diary you can clearly see how much you really Affairs and intelligently combining and systematizing the tasks you will effectively deal with them.

Take breaks in training. Keep in mind that the preparation for the wedding – only a part of your life. Do not forget to give yourself a break and get distracted by something else, whether it’s a hobby or a meeting with friends. Then this time will not be so tedious, and you will begin to quietly treat any problems. A perpetual sense of panic you only hinders.

Take all the important decisions together. But do not force the groom to choose other or ride a meeting with the designer, if he is not interested – after training should be a joy to both of you!

Compose mudbordy. This is the best way to show contractors how you see your wedding. Get the appropriate board in Pinterest or simply keep inspiring photos in a separate folder on your computer.

Be sure to think through the logistics of the wedding. The first step is to count the number of visitors, which will require transport. From how many cars you intend to reserve depends price (some companies offer discounts for large orders). Price also depends on whether the transport is provided to you for use for the whole day or just a few hours.

Do not sit on a strict diet before the wedding. This is just another reason to stress, and after the wedding preparation, and without that it will be very difficult and stressful. In addition, an unbalanced diet, lack of vitamins and minerals is not the best impact on your health, complexion and hair condition. And if you still want to lose weight before the wedding – choose healthy ways.

Prepare for the vagaries of weather. Even if the forecast promises a sunny day, for a wedding in the open air is necessary to prepare the tents in case of rain, to provide for the possibility of strong winds and night cooling.

Be flexible. Do not focus on standard and “traditional” ways. For example, if an ideal wedding area reserved for your date, it might be worth to move the holiday to another day? After all, the wedding can be arranged not only on the Sabbath, but also in everyday life – so you have the choice of sites is virtually unlimited!

Do not measure everything with money. If you try to save on everything, in the end, you cannot get the wedding of your dreams. But the rule “the more expensive the better” does not always work, too. Not every expensive restaurant is the perfect management, and always worth to overpay for the advertised brand when choosing a wedding dress. Therefore, in the first pay attention to the quality of service, and not on its price.

Look for contractors who are suitable for you. Of course, first of all, important specialist expertise, but in the process of working together on such a personal event like a wedding, it becomes an important factor and the human component: comfortable communication, ability to listen and understand your desires.

Always read the contract before signing. And always discuss obscure or controversial moments. Check whether all the declared services spelled out in the contract, how the payments for services and under what conditions it is possible to terminate the contract, if the need arises. And never work with contractors without a contract!

Carefully study the contractor’s site: see not only the best works, which he posted on the front page, but all of its projects in order to understand the level of skill and the style in which it operates. Do not forget to get acquainted with real couples about his work on the site and forums brides.

Say “No” to the traditions, which you do not like. Some brides do not want to throw the bouquet or garter, while others do not want to wait for the ceremony to first see the groom. If you are among those who cannot even imagine how to take part in the outdated tradition – simply forget about them!

In advance make a list of gifts. His wish-list you can place on your wedding website, or even invitations. If you are considering a gift of money, please indicate this in your wishes. You want to see the creative greetings? Do not hesitate to hint at it to visitors!

Learn how to properly respond to the advice and criticism. Take it as a fact: the critique and guidance of others – is one of the inevitable problems in the process of planning a wedding, and just try to less discuss upcoming wedding with people who do not support you, and criticize.

Prepare for the presence of children at the wedding: Make up for their own menu and a special entertainment program or a professional animator services, which will have a good time, and the children and their parents. Or kindly requested to inform guests that the holiday is only for adults, so that they can decide with whom to leave their children in the day.

Do not quarrel with her fiancé because of organizational issues. Talking about wedding budget and drawing up a list of the guests – a bone of contention for many couples. But the wedding preparations should not become a cause for quarrels and heated debate. On the contrary, it is the perfect time to get to know each other, and even more in love with her fiancé

And do not swear with my parents. When it comes to weddings, often so that your views do not coincide with the views of parents. To avoid conflicts, try as much as possible to tactfully explain why you do not want to invite distant relatives or to arrange a ransom. Avoid ultimatums and together look for compromises. After all, parents – the most important guests at your wedding!

Do not leave unfinished business on the last day before the wedding. Make your schedule so that you have completed the training for 1-2 weeks before the holiday, while in the most important day, you sleep enough, and will not feel tired. And yes, you will still feel that you have something not in time, but that’s okay!

Enjoy every day of training! From time to time you’ll be upset, worry and tired from making serious decisions, but in the end, the wedding preparation should be fun! After all, very soon you will become a favorite with your family, and its incredible luck!

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