10 tricks to make your wedding pictures spectacular

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When you are told that “nothing is forever”, remember that there are some things that remain and, precisely because of that condition, they have to be good and – why not? – also beautiful! Photographs of your wedding, whether in digital format or upload to the cloud, will always be the ones that are: snapshots that will immortalize your big day. We have, with the help of an image professional, some secrets so that the photographs of your wedding are simply spectacular. Toni Bonet tells us all! Pay attention: 1,2,3 and … action! yabesh photography

1. Experiments, not experience
When we say that experience is a degree , we do not say it in vain. When someone masters a certain technique it is impossible not to realize. Toni Bonet began her professional career almost 20 years ago in one of the best photographic studios in Granada. There he introduced himself fully into the audiovisual world: both in photography and in video, developing a great passion for both specialties. 7 years ago he took his way alone with a baggage behind him full of experience, desire and excitement for what he does.

2. A clear style in line with you
Each couple is unique and a professional like Toni Bonet knows it perfectly. Therefore, the style of your photographs, while remaining faithful to the way you work, always pursues whatever it is you want. With a documentary style, she achieves an elegant and emotional photograph to capture every sentiment experienced on the day of your wedding. The protagonists are you and your role is fundamental. It is vital that you comment on what you like, that you release with him and together you can frame a few fantastic moments.

3. Inspirational work
In any work that requires a strong artistic vein, muses are essential. The photograph shows us the reality, but the objective of the camera is allied with its owner so that through his gaze you realize moments that you had not imagined, moments that could have passed by, looks that speak for themselves . The inspiration of Toni Bonet is born of cinema, music, literature … as he says: “any artistic representation can be a source of inspiration for me”.

4. Perfection as a goal
We all like the job well done but not all of us are in the position of being judged by the most demanding: newlyweds. It is normal to expect much from our wedding report, you can not undo it by pressing Ctrl + Z, so we have to find a person who, like Toni Bonet, seeks excellence in his work . Because of the love he professes for what he does, he is the first interested in everything to be perfect for your recognition and, of course, that you enjoy the whole process, from beginning to end.

5. Full Service
When you connect with a photographer, you like your work and you have made the decision that he has to be the author of your report, you ask yourself: why not also make a video? Calm down, you do not have to start over, Toni Bonet is an expert in both arts: photography and video. This is very important as both services go hand in hand and their style is the common thread between them. Some photos with a style based on the posados ​​would clash frontally with a documentary video and full of naturalness, right? Choose well and choose everything: photography and video elegant, emotional and with a documentary that will give precious results.

6. Pre-session
The first time you stand in front of the camera of someone you do not know personally is somewhat embarrassing. The results may not be as expected because, of course, you do not feel completely at ease. It is vital that you feel at home so that all your love and personality can be grasped. The pre-wedding session has become a must that most couples do with pleasure as it helps them to meet the photographer who will companion them during the day of their wedding. Toni Bonet affirms that the difference is abysmal, since the pre-wedding session helps you to know each other better, because when B day arrives, you will know how it works and you are familiar with the whole process.

7. Remove all your truth
Getting the couples to truly express their feelings in order to be fully involved in their stories is the ideal pursued by Toni Bonet every day. As we said before, once you have gained your confidence, naturalness is the best of gifts. Be yourselves and show it like this, without caveats or blockades, is the best you can do. The perfect photographer is the one who makes you feel good, that the truth shines in your eyes and that the photos emanate sincere emotions. May you see yourselves and recognize yourselves, because behind you, the most important thing is a great love story.

8. Perfection is possible do not be satisfied!
Never be satisfied to 100% with the result of your work characterizes this professional. Being a perfectionist is not a crime. In fact, finding people who think they can always do better is a guarantee of success as they do not settle for the first result. With her good work, Toni will make each of the shots (be it photography or video) is the best. There will be nothing that you want to change or improve, he is in charge!

9. Transparency: a clear and easy process
This quality is one of the most important. Knowing what is going to happen, understanding the pace, the way of working and the artistic intentions of our photographer is a great advantage. Toni Bonet empathizes with each couple from a personal point of view thanks to their sensitivity and from a professional point of view through their taste for art . He will know what you want and you will be perfect models to understand that the process has no pitfalls. Let yourself go and enjoy!

10. A top result
All the steps you will take when deciding for one photographer and not another will be vital to a successful outcome. Toni travels across the national geography to offer her services wherever she is needed. Remember that the most important thing is that you have in front of a true professional, demanding with himself and constantly seek excellence, both in video and photo so that both are of quality.

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